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How we went to Cuba

By | 5 de novembro de 2016|

Many people have asked us how we went to Cuba. For Americans it is both alluring and confusing as we were not allowed to go for so long. You're not supposed to just go to Cuba to drink Daiquiris on the beach.

Viñales, Cuba

By | 29 de outubro de 2016|

We arrived in a small town west of Havana called Viñales after a very hot taxi ride with some Spaniards from Barcelona. Before the trip, we spent a couple hours with Lupita, a friend of Simone's, getting soaked in the rain

Cherokee, North Carolina

By | 9 de outubro de 2016|

The Cherokee are Native Americans from the Southeastern United States. They are descendants of the Mound Builders and were one of the five civilized tribes to be forcibly removed to Indian Territory (present day Oklahoma) in 1838.

New Haven, Connecticut

By | 20 de setembro de 2016|

In downtown New Haven, Connecticut, while we were pulling out of our parking space, an irate transvestite wound up and enthusiastically flipped someone the bird, one, two, a third time.